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"Welcome to my vibrant world of creativity and movement! I'm Samantha Stone aka CAKES, a seasoned entrepreneur, studio owner, choreographer, dance educator, and proud mompreneur. My journey began at the tender age of 4, igniting a lifelong passion for dance that's led me to remarkable heights.

With a BFA from the University of Minnesota, I've honed my craft extensively. My dance career has taken dancing for Bell Biv Devoe, Lloyd, Ying Yang Twins,  and Chris Rock to choreographing for talented artists like Chloe and Halle Bailey (remarkable artists signed to Beyoncé's prestigious Parkwood label. Halle's  who portrayed Ariel in 'The Little Mermaid', Johnny Gill, and Turquoise Jeep and Ludacris' Kid Nation and Karma's World.

As the Founder and Director of Project Slide Dance Studios, I'm thrilled to celebrate our 15th season. Our annual recitals consistently sell out, a testament to my commitment to excellence. Beyond the stage, I've nurtured aspiring dance teachers, shaping the next generation of talent. Through 'A Piece of Cakes,' my meticulously crafted curriculum for dance educators and studio owners, and Christians Curriculum,' a creative homeschooling curriculum.

I'm dedicated to sharing the magic of movement with passion and precision.I'm fueled by a profound passion for teaching those who genuinely yearn to dance. My heart beats for quality stage shows and performances that leave audiences mesmerized. Join me as we explore the art of dance, entrepreneurship, and innovation, all while embracing the joy of learning, creating and expressing through movement."

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